Business Flights

When flying on business with Aerostar, you are offered an opportunity to take a flight according to your schedule on an individual route. You will be pleasantly surprised by the prompt work of our personnel and the level of comfort during the flight. While arranging business flights, we ensure that our clients are provided with:


According to the statistical data, business aviation is the most safe and secure. This is why Aerostar offers its customers only the best business airplanes with the highest technical specifications. At the same time, our fleet is maintained on a regular basis. Highly proficient flight crew working for our company and no third persons allowed on board also contribute to the maximum safety during the flight.


We guarantee to our clients that the information on the ordered flight will be kept strictly confidential. Our company will provide for the secrecy of any data entrusted to us by a client. A limited number of employees having access to private information are personally responsible for keeping it secret.


Prompt decision making is vital for running a successful business. Ability to plan your working day and align the flight timetable with your own schedule allows settling the most important issues in the shortest possible time. With our company’s services you will be able to manage your time most effectively. We will organize your flight in a mere 2 or 3 hours after receiving the order and all your requests will be taken into account.

First Class Service

The company’s employees supply first class service meeting the expectations of our customers. Individual service on board embodies the best traditions of hospitality where every passenger is the most welcome guest. VIP catering is organized in line with your wishes and is often comparable to a virtuosic art.


Exclusive cabin interiors, comfy seats and couches create a cozy and comfortable onboard atmosphere. The necessary facilities provided in the airliner enable the passengers to run their business and conduct negotiations directly during the flight. A comfortable environment is favorable not only for efficient working, but also for a pleasant relaxation. Aboard our airplanes, you will be able to watch your favorite movie, listen to good music or learn news from recent newspapers.