The Story of Success

Since 1997, Ukrainian Aviation Company "Aerostar" has been one of the major operators in the Ukrainian business air transport market.

Aerostar arranges business jet flights for its clients to any point in the world, depending on customer’s needs and requests.

For 25 years of operations in the business aviation market, the company has gained invaluable experience in VIP passenger service rendered at the highest professional level. To ensure a prompt departure, relevant organizational units have been established with highly skilled personnel.

Years of work in the field of business flights arrangement have enabled us to develop exclusive patterns of relationships between the airline and its customers, thus ensuring the most beneficial conditions for our passengers.

The company’s clientele includes international organizations, representative offices of foreign companies and embassies, official government delegations and others. By now, Aerostar has taken a major part of the business aviation market. The company is positioned among the leading business aircraft operators in Ukraine and is considered one of the major CIS companies and the originator of a modern national concept on business passenger service.