Aviation Consulting

At our clients’ request, we can provide consulting services on how to choose, buy or sell an aircraft, either a new or a used one.

Buying a business class aircraft starts with a detailed analysis of buyer’s individual needs. It is necessary to define such parameters as maximum cruising range and speed, cabin composition and design, luggage compartment volume, budget and financing program. Due to its business relations with manufacturers and company representatives, Aerostar has a direct access to constantly updated information on aviation products.

Our experts will give advice, assess the technical condition of the air vehicle and assist in estimating the costs associated with the acquisition and further operation of the aircraft. In the event that you acquire an airplane, we will organize recruitment and training of the crew, assist with aircraft registration and certification.

Aerostar will definitely use an unbiased approach when choosing an aircraft for you, since our company will subsequently propose that we undertake to maintain your air vehicle. We offer you a comprehensive administrative program on managing a private airplane.

Aircraft acquisition transaction support includes:

— market analysis
— technical examination
— legal support
— air ferry
— registration and certification

Aircraft sale transaction support includes:

— market analysis
— buyer search
— technical examination and presale preparation