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Dornier 328 Jet

Dornier 328 Jet


Cruising range
2 100 km
Cruising speed
741 km/h
Number of passengers
Cabin height, length, width
1.87 x 10.34 x 2.18 m

Dornier 328 Jet

Do.328JET is a short-range passenger aircraft intended for local airlines. It was created by a German company Dornier (part of the Fairchild Concern) on the basis of a turboprop passenger plane Do.328-120.

In 1996, in an attempt to enter this market, Dornier Company announced its development plans for two modifications based on a turboprop aircraft Do.328, with bypass turbofan engines mounted on pylons under the wings.

The first modification 328JET represented the basic 30 seat aircraft Do.328-120. Most active development of new airplanes started in 1997, after Dornier had been acquired by an American company Fairchild Aerospace. The aircraft first flew on 6 December 1996. The plane is fitted with a digital Honeywell Primus 2000 avionics suite with five full-color multifunctional displays.

Dornier 328 JetDornier 328 JetDornier 328 JetDornier 328 Jet